Buy One And Get One FREE : ActionCam

$59.95 $209.85


"At less than 1/5 the price of a GoPro, I figured it was worth a try and I was right! I recorded hours of biking and driving video and the footage looks amazing! Crisp, smooth and very pro looking. I even dropped it badly a few times and it’s still going strong. I’m very impressed and would definitely buy it again!" - Chris D., CO

Get a great discount on our ActionCam while the Back-to-School SALE is on. Once we sell 300 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $209.85.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO pieces for the price of $59.95. 


  • Truly Affordable - sports cameras of this quality usually cost over $200 each. The reason we can sell them for ¼ or less of the price is thanks to a recent technological breakthrough in sensor design that captures stellar images yet is a fraction of the price to produce.
  • Ultra Lens - Utilising the latest all-glass design, you can expect sharper images, better color and more detail with less motion artifacts. No matter the conditions, ActionCam will deliver clear, vivid video for a cinematic and gripping experience in full HD.
  • Ultra Rugged - The inner camera unit is placed inside a shock and dust-proof case, designed to withstand extreme environments. Drop it on tarmac? No problem. Got buried in sand? It’ll be fine. No more stress about damaging precious cameras, ActionCam is built to last.
  • Super Sensor - The included “Eagle Eye” sensor ensures videos have ½ the noise, artifacts and grain compared to regular sports cameras. Plus the latest 1080p chipset boasts a 40% increase in image sharpness so you enjoy cinema-quality video as standard.
  • Waterproof - The camera unit is housed inside a fully waterproof housing, rated at IP68 which means it can be submerged up to 30 meters underwater without any leaking. Going for a deep snorkeling session? Feel free. Heading out for a surf in big waves? Go for it. ActionCam will handle most water activity short of deep sea diving.
  • Fully Mountable - You can attach it to a helmet, clip it to your chest, fasten it to the tip of a surfboard, mount it to a bicycle, or place it on a tripod to catch the action from a distance. Or use many ActionCams to capture multiple angles, making editing and the finished video truly engaging.
  • Silky Smooth Video - ActionCam’s next-gen video stabilising engine ensures even the most turbulent downhill biking or skiing run comes out stunningly smooth. Take some shaky handheld boating shots without worry, it will look great.
  • Lasts For Hours - Don’t worry about needing to charge up in the middle of the action or carrying 12 spare batteries! The included battery is a whopping 900mAh allowing you to shoot at full quality for up to 3 hours non-stop.
  • Night Vision - It’s cutting-edge sensor automatically detects nightfall and intelligently adjust its shutter, frame rate and aperture to ensure low light scenes look clear and spectacular. Don’t limit yourself to only shooting during the day, ActionCam will capture it all.
  • Wide Angle - ActionCam is fitted with a 170° super wide fisheye lens that is designed to closely mimic the field of view of human eyes. This ensures it captures more of you and the scenery in every shot, making for truly immersive and captivating action or adventure footage.
  • Storage - Utilising the industry-standard micro SD card, you’re free to shoot up to 32GB of video before needing to change the card. This gives you all-day freedom to record without worrying about running out of space.

We will send you 2x ActionCam for the price of one!

Package Included: 2X ActionCams, 2X Waterproof Housing, 2X Clip Case, 2X Handlebar Mount, 2X Curved Mount, 2X Flat Mount, 2X Buckle Mount, 2X Helmet Mount, 2X Battery, 2X Bandages, 2X USB cable, 2X User Manual