Buy One And Get One FREE : EarPro

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"Finally! These are the wireless earbuds I've been waiting for! Every other pair I tried either sounded terrible, lost signal or fell out of my ears. But these are amazing! They sound just as good as my $200 Bose earbuds but are water-resistant and look way cooler! The case lets me charge up halfway through the day too. Amazing product!" - Robert J., CA

Get a great discount on our EarPro while the Back-to-School SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $149.95.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO pairs for the price of $39.95. 


  • ChargeBox - A portable, rechargeable power bank and carrying case that lets you charge and store your EarPro anywhere you go. 
  • Water Resistant - Nifty inner seals ensure they're safe from moisture, even from hard, sweaty workouts or rainy weather. 
  • SnapCharge - EarPro recharge in just 1.5 hours, lasting for 4 hours of non-stop use or the entire day on standby. 
  • StayLoop - Soft silicone ear loops fit in your ear's folds to keep your EarPro secure while you run, work out or take care of business. 
  • BeamMic - Hyper-directional onboard microphone picks up only your voice, while ignoring noise around you for clearer calls. 
  • ClearDrive - High quality speakers ensure your music and calls keep their clarity, depth and bass, even in noisy environments. 
  • RoamRange - Works up to 15m away from your phone, tablet or laptop thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology. 
  • NanoCoat - Unique nano-technology coating prevents scratches, scuffs or dents, so accidents aren't a problem.

We will send you 2x EarPro for the price of one!

Package Included: 

2* EarPro Headphones

2* ChargeBox

2* Manual