Buy One And Get One FREE : Grab It Stick

$54.95 $164.95


" Love it. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Help me safely reach things so I don't have to stand on a step stool at my age.
For those of you looking for a good product that is sturdy and works perfect, This item is the one you want. I bought mine in September 2016. I keep it hanging in my pantry. At 5' tall, almost everything is out of reach. I have had this for a year. Use it constantly! Has never failed me. Now my knees are giving me trouble so I am buying another one just to keep in the car for grocery shopping. I have always had to ask for help on the high shelves but now the lowest ones are a problem too so I wanted another one to leave in the car. The construction is Extremely well made of good materials. So glad I am still able to buy another." - Tabby L., TX

Get a great discount on our Grab It Stick while the SUMMER SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $164.95.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO pieces for the price of $54.95. 


  • No More Bending, Straining or Climbing!
  • Ideal for picking up cigarettes, parking tickets, garbage, trash, wine cups or remote controllers
  • With LED light, Build-in magnet, Jewelry hook
  • Swivels 90° To Reach Awkward Places & Grab Things Easily
  • Holds items up to 5lbs


  • Size: 32.68 in

We will send you 2x Grab It Stick for the price of one!

Package Included: 

2* Grab It Stick