Buy One And Get One FREE : MobileGamer Pro

$54.95 $159.95


" It does what it says it does and more, it adds so much more comfortable to your hands when playing on mobile. also, I would like to add that if you didn't like playing mobile games before because of the ergonomics this device will make you change your mind. great device loved I paid retail for this grip and would buy it again." - Carlos M., VT

Get a great discount on our MobileGamer Pro while the SUMMER SALE is on. Once we sell 400 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $159.95.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO units for the price of $54.95.


  • Make your everyday gaming experience supreme.
  • Customize your shooting game to new triggers and joystick.
  • Get ahead of your gaming competition.


  • Compatible: 5.5" - 6.5" mobile phones
  • Triggers: L1 Left Trigger: Shoot Fire Button / R1 Right Trigger: Sight Aim Button
  • Touch Pad Joystick: Moving, Running

We will send you 2x MobileGamer Pro for the price of one!

Package Included: 

1* Hand Grip Gamepad (built-in bracket)

2* L1R1 Trigger Controller  (1*L1 + 1*R1)

2* Touch Pad Joystick

1* Cleaning Cloth