Buy One And Get One FREE : WatchMaker-Zoom

$34.95 $104.95


" Wow! If you need to really focus on a precise repair or examination, these head-mounted magnifying lenses are perfect for the job, and tremendous value for money. The range of magnification that the various lenses offer is truly appreciated and allows you to examine parts in detail. You can have one magnification on one side and a different one on the other side. The head mount is comfortable and allows for total hand-free examination and repair, and the led lights provide more than ample light. I was very impressed with the quality of construction - this tool will last a long time if stored correctly in the box when not in use." - Robert S., CA

Get a great discount on our WatchMaker Zoom while the EASTER SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $104.95.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO units for the price of $34.95.


  • WatchMaker Glasses - Sharp WatchMaker Zoom can be worn over your prescription glasses, allowing you to work with surgeon precision.
  • Clockwork Lenses - Four inter-changable lenses with up to 25X zoom for repairs, reading, ceramic work, collecting and others.
  • Beam Lights - Hyper-directional onboard lights help you see every detail of your work. No more flashlight and glasses combination. Enjoy your hobby day or night.
  • Rapid Swivel - Swivel lights and each lense separately to get the most out of your time.
  • Anti-Slipping Strap - Have your WatchMaker Zoom comfortably ready to go. 


    • Size: 20*14*5.8cm (L*W*H) 
    • Multiples: 10X, 15X, 20X, 25X 

    We will send you 2x package with WatchMaker Zoom for the price of one!

    Package Included: 

    1* WatchMaker Zoom

    2* 10X Lens, 2* 15X Lens, 2* 20X Lens, 2* 25X Lens, 1* Head-strap, 1* User manual